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Personalised Plaques

Commemorate your pet’s birthday with a special personalised plaque made in his or her honour. A lovely way to remember a pet who has crossed the rainbow bridge or just as a keepsake on your desk, this plaque is available in a range of sizes.

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Ways to Celebrate your Pet’s Birthday

Every year for us equals seven for your pet, if this is not a reason to celebrate your pooch’s birthday, I don’t know what is! However, if you want to do something beyond the cake-and-party routine this year, there are plenty of other ways to make this day special.

Get personalised wooden plaques online: A great way to mark your pet’s birthday or to commemorate a birth anniversary is look at custom made plaques online. These are engraved especially for your pet and they can have a picture of your pet along with a quote and their names. Design them the way you like and it can find a great spot on your bedside table or your desk at work to remind you of your bundle of love! A Day out at the Dog Park! Plan a whole day out for your pet and do his favourite things! Start off with a long walk or a morning at the dog park, followed by a meal at a dog-friendly café and maybe even take him shopping for a new toy (or toys) and treats at his or her favourite pet store! You can finish off the day with a surprise visit to the dog park again or you could opt for a relaxing dog massage at the spa. Ordering wooden plaques online is a great way to remember the day as well!

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