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Personalised Dog Mats

These personalised dog mats make it simple to showcase your pet’s true nature. Let your pet curl up on a ‘Spoilt to the Bone’ mat, a ‘Born to Lick’ mat, or any one of those with quotes that pet parents can relate to. You can even have your pooch’s name printed within the pattern!

Why Your Dog Needs a Bed

Dog bedding is more important than you think. Apart from giving the dog a recognizable space in the house, there are many benefits of keeping a specifically made dog bed for your pup. The floor can get pretty cold and sleeping mats for dogs provides a fair bit of insulation. Have you ever tried sleeping on a hard floor? Not very comfortable, one would guess. Dogs too, need some cushioning when they have their nap times or when they generally lounge around. Older dogs with arthritic problems need ample, soft, support. And soft layered dog sleeping mats are one way of providing this. For senior pets, it may be better to invest in specially designed orthopaedic beds. Dog mats or beds are also easier to carry with you when you travel. Dog beds are equally useful for outdoor dogs. Dogs love to identify their own little spot in the house. Knowing the ‘allowed spaces’ is an important part of pup’s training, having a bed of his or her own helps that reinforcement. From wooden beds for dogs to patterned and personalized dog mats, there is a wide choice available. Buy dog beds online and gift your pup an attractive home within a home.

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