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Personalised Dog Mats

These personalised dog mats make it simple to showcase your pet’s true nature. Let your pet curl up on a ‘Spoilt to the Bone’ mat, a ‘Born to Lick’ mat, or any one of those with quotes that pet parents can relate to. You can even have your pooch’s name printed within the pattern!

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Buy the best pet mats at our online pet store

Pet mats are a great way to ensure a cozy and comfy way to rest for your pooch. Whether it is the sofa, chair, car seat or a dog crate, our beautiful range of pet mats are bound to make your dog go from active to snooze within seconds! Made with soft canvas fabric, our pet mats have been carefully designed to offer maximum comfort and durability. The catchy text and the attractive colors add a fun element to your dog’s bedding. Our dog bed mats are easy to clean and can be carried with ease as they are foldable too! We’ve been told by our customers that our dog mats are used by humans too as a floor seater.

Explore the best dog mats for crate

Dog mats are not just a comfy way to relax over a sofa, bed or floor, they are quite useful as a dog mat for crates too! Use an extra layer of comfort under the crate for a cozy and comfy ride when your dog is travelling with you. Our dog mats are designed to fit standard crate sizes and are easy to carry too as they are totally foldable. The catchy text and attractive colors and print make these dog mats one of our bestsellers. Made of soft canvas fabric, our dog mats are easy to clean too! Our pet mats are available in all shapes and sizes so that there is one mat available for each dog breed. So go ahead and explore our fun n attractive range of dog mats that make an ideal addition to your crate!

Check out our range of Dog Rubber Toys

Dog rubber toys are a great way to keep your pooch active and engaged while at home or travelling in a crate. Choose the best dog rubber toy for your pooch from our wide range that we have carefully curated. Our dog rubber toys are made of high quality rubber material and are super durable too! Rubber toys are a great way to help your dog relieve excess energy, while also cleaning his teeth and gums. Choose from the wide range from the best dog brands such as KONG, TLC, and many more and be assured of the quality and durability. Rubber toys are also used to hide treats in to keep your pooch entertained for hours!

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