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Personalised Dog Mats

These personalised dog mats make it simple to showcase your pet’s true nature. Let your pet curl up on a ‘Spoilt to the Bone’ mat, a ‘Born to Lick’ mat, or any one of those with quotes that pet parents can relate to. You can even have your pooch’s name printed within the pattern!

Comfort and Convenience Rolled Into One!

When it comes to pets we can easily put bedding under the ‘essentials’ category (you know how much your pooch loves those naps!). At the same time, pets have their own preferences when it comes to the style of bed that they want to snooze in. It comes down to the individual dog or cat, their favourite sleeping position and sometimes, any medical conditions that they may be suffering from.

Luckily, the best minds in the pet market have come up with a number of options for your pet and you to choose from. Ranging from custom made dog beds online to personalized dog beds online, the options are constantly being upgraded and reinvented.

Mats for pets online India fall squarely in this category of clever bedding for pets. These beds for dogs offer your pet plenty of comfort while ensuring that it is convenient for you as well. Here are some ways in which these special dog beds online India stand out from the crowd:

They are travel friendly : These custom made pet mats online are designed to be easily transported from one place to another. Each of them is accompanied by their own, individual roll-up strap. This means that when you are ready to move it, all you need to do is roll it up like a yoga mat and slip on the roll-up strap to hold it in place. You can then sling it on your shoulder and take it wherever you want.

Versatile placement: These personalised dog mats online are lightly stuffed with polyfil to offer your pet a soft surface for naps. And you can roll it out anywhere that your pet likes to nap -whether it is under the desk where you work or in the car.

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