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Personalised Dog Diners

The way to your pet’s heart is through his tummy so make mealtimes count. Taking diner designs a notch higher, these diners have room to put your pet’s name on them! Whether it’s Oreo, Sara (or something else altogether) these personalised dog diners make no bones about whose meal it is! Easy to eat from thanks to their elevated design, these diners are as functional as they are adorable.

A Bowlful of Goodness

If you have pets at home, meals are always an event. From the happy dog dance, to the lick-the-bowl-clean symphony and finally the ask for-an-encore Big Eyes. Pets are every ready for their meals and giving them the right kind of bowls is your job! When you buy dog bowls online, make sure that you are choosing the right one for your pet. Each breed, depending on the shape of their snout, their size and their eagerness to eat need different types of dog bowls and feeders.

For large breeds like labs and Great Danes, you should look for elevated dog bowls. These raise the bowl to the desired height so that your pet does not have to strain his or her neck while bending down to eat. Dogs who tend to eat their meals too quickly like Pugs, need to be given meals in dog feeders. These slow feeders have grooves within the main compartment. Kibble settles down in these grooves and your pet has to fish it out before eating, this slows them down. Both dog bowls & feeders online are suitable for a diverse variety of breeds and sizes. Enhance your pet’s mealtimes by giving him or her the right bowls.

For less of a mess, Heads Up for Tails has a special set with a smooth rubber stand. This catches some spills and lets it stay put during the meal as well. Dogs with flat faces like boxers and pugs find it difficult to pick up food from a deep bottomed bowl. This is why they need shallower bowls to eat from. This will also prevent food from sticking to their folds. Dogs like Danes with long snouts need deeper bows to eat comfortably. Long eared basset hounds need narrow bowls to keep their ears out of the food and dry. These work well with cocker spaniels as well!

Custom Made Dog Diners

Another product that is high on function from Heads Up for Tails, personalised dog diners are popular among the four-legged dinner crowd. Slightly elevated, these do not strain the neck and you can have these bowls marked with your pet’s name on it! A popular choice of food bowls for pets online, these diners can be ordered with a few simple clicks, right here.

Some pets are so enthusiastic about dinner that sometimes, they flip it over in their excitement. This is where non tip food bowls for dogs come in handy. Their clever design is a good match for even the most excited of pets!

Heads Up for Tails –Always Striving for Better

Founded on a genuine love for pets, we are constantly working toward making your pet’s lives better. Besides our designer dog accessories, our dog products online include highly functional products like orthopaedic dog beds, pet travel products, healthy dog food and even a collection of organic products for your pet. When you’re looking to buy dog bowls online , don’t forget to look in on our personalised diners. Available in a range of materials, we have stainless steel and ceramic bowls. High on durability, these are also easy to maintain. For added aesthetic appeal, some are even mounted on wooden or metal stands.

Besides bowls, Heads Up for Tails also offers Kong toys for dogs, dog beds, dog clothes, dog accessories, dog food online and more!

Frequently Asked Questions, Answered Here

How often should I wash my dog’s bowl?

Food Bowls for Dogs need to be washed clean at least once a day. Despite your pet’s best efforts to polish off his favourite Royal Canin Dog Food, there may still be bits of food left on the sides. If left unattended these will contaminate the next meal.

Are there any travel friendly bowls?

Yes, there are a range of travel friendly bowls that make feeding your pet easier on holiday. These are also useful to give them water. Travel may stress your dog, so you should offer him or her water more frequently. These travel bowls for pets are easy to carry around.

Why should I get a slow feeder for my dog?

Some dogs tend to gobble down their food extremely quickly. Soon after, they tend to throw up the entire meal. This can lead to acidity and related problems. In order to prevent this, the slow feeders are ideal. They have grooves in between and dogs are forced to pause between bites to fish out the kibble. This slower pace ensures that their food stays in their tummy.

Can you personalise dog bowls?

Yes, we can personalise dog bowls! Opt for a dog diner of your choice and we can have your pet’s name printed on the stand so everyone knows to keep their hands off your pooch’s meals! These are also slightly elevated, adding to its advantages.

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