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Personalised Dog Beds

Has your pet finally found the bed that’s ‘just right’ for him? Mark the find by having his name printed on it! Whether it is his official name or his goofy-goofball name, we can have either printed up for you. Go ahead, make your pet’s space cosier with a personalised dog bed!

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Gift Your Furry Friend Its Own Cosy Spot of Personalized Bedding

If you consider your own bed an absolute necessity for a great night’s sleep, then the same holds true for your faithful pet dog too. While your pup would love to snuggle up with you in your bed or park itself on the family sofa, personalised dog beds provide a definite sense of belonging and security. They allow your pet to create his or her own territory and space. Dog beds your pet with warmth a snuggle space and give you more leg room in your own bed!

The market today is flush with gift ideas for pets and custom made dog beds are certainly the best way of gifting your four-legged pals with a comfortable and restful night’s sleep. Check out Personalised pet products at our online stores and shop for your pup from the comfort of your home. We bring to you a large variety of dog beds that are a great combination of good quality products, created for sustained use and are trendy too.

Considering your furry friends’ age, sleeping style and size will help you to choose the right bed for your pet doggy and will also help your pet to acclimatize quickly to the new addition to its home. For example, the HUFT Personalised Dog Bed can be your precious puppy’s favourite accessory at sleep time with soft Egyptian cotton to keep it warm and comfortable. If Personalised Lounger Beds for Dogs are on your mind, the HUFT Rose Lounger Dog Bed is the perfect sleep companion for your pups’ restful sleep. Cleaning the inner cushion is easy since it is detachable while the bolsters provide additional comfort. Have a senior pet at home? Browse for Orthopaedic Beds for Senior Dogs which are designed to provide relief from joint pain and arthritic joints. The HUFT Orthopaedic Dog Bed with Cushion, available in red and blue colour, is one such product that will support your loved pets back due to a firm layer at its base. Ask for Custom Made Lounger Beds for Dogs if our present range does not excite you or your canine friend.

What should I look for when I buy dog beds online?

Make sure you know your pet’s sleeping style well since that is the primary determining factor during selection. Your pup may sprawl out or curl up into a ball, while burrowing into the softness of the bed’s mattress or simply leaning into the walls. Another factor to check is if your selection is right for the pet’s size and activity level.

I am looking to replace my pet Chihuahua’s bed. Any suggestions?

Donut and bolster type beds are ideal for smaller dog breeds as the cup shape helps to retain body heat and is cosy too. It offers security and is great for breeds who are fond of curling up. This bed has a cushioned bottom and raised sides. You can also buy Dog Blankets Online use it to help them sleep better when outdoors.

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