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Puppy Training Aids

Pups have potty accidents and can turn your home into a minefield of sorts. This is why we’ve put together a collection of puppy training aids to get potty training out of the way! Puppy training pads, teach them where it is ok to ’go’ and if they happen to miss the spot, products like Urine Free help you clean up!

Training Aids for the New Brat in the Pack

Oh, the excitement of a new puppy in the house! Lots of fun, laughs, mischief, toys, games, running around... pee, poop, chewed up slippers, destroyed furniture, shredded cushions and many more innovative schemes to demolish your home will be plotted over the next few months. Training your puppy in the initial months will form the foundation for a well-behaved and obedient puppy that will still be playful and fun. Training does not mean making your puppy afraid of you; it simply means establishing some ground rules of what is right and wrong.

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