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Puppy Teething Toys

Is your pup biting *everything*? Distract him or her from chewing on furniture and your shoes by offering up a plethora of puppy teething toys instead! Designed to sooth those itchy gums, these toys are the ideal distraction until he or she grows out of those baby teeth!

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They Chew Everything!

If you are a first-time pet parent and you’ve just brought home an adorable puppy, you may not be aware of the destruction that furry little monster is capable of! You will soon learn to hide away anything that you usually leave lying on the floor and lock away all your footwear so that pupster doesn’t get his or her teeth on them! Pups go through a teething phase when their baby teeth fall out and their permanent teeth set in. This process makes their gums itchy which is why they love chomp-chomping on things. Chewing soothes their gums and this is why you’ll find them gnawing on furniture ends, shoes and whatever else he or she can find.

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