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Products for Saint Bernard

Loyal, calm and affectionate, St. Bernards have specific needs that need to be catered to. Like all large breeds, they need careful attention paid to their bones and joints and they need the right diet to keep them healthy without leading to obesity. Scroll down to stock up on everything that your big fur-baby needs!

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HUFT Yummy In My Tummy Apple and Cinnamon Dog Biscuits Combo 640 gm
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HUFT Yummy In My Tummy Apple and Cinnamon Dog Biscuits Combo 640 gm

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Saint Bernards – Gentle Giants from the Alps

The St. Bernard is a beautiful dog with an equally endearing story. Originally, they were raised by monks in the high Alps and one of their main functions was to rescue travellers who lost their way in the mountains. They can grow up to 80 kgs and when well socialised and raised right,they are great with kids, cat litter online and other dogs. St. Bernardsare very intelligent but can be quite territorial and so, make good watchdogs. Despite their large size, Saints can adapt to apartment living. With St. Bernards, it is best to start the training treats for pets when they are still pups, as they are prone to having temperamental issues. The last thing you need is a renegade Saint Bernard.

The St. Bernard is a member of the Mastiff family and thanks to their extremely thick fur coats, these guys do not belong to hot places. St. Bernards need to be kept in a cool, air-conditioned environment. If left outside in the heat for too long, Saints can suffer heat strokes.

Saints are not the most active of dogs and a couple of strolls in the park daily are good exercise. They also eat only as much as any other large breed. When buying Saint Bernard dog food online, choose brands that use human-grade and all-natural ingredients. Ailments that may afflict your precious Saint Bernard are hip and elbow dysplasia, gastric torsion, eye problems and several skeletal and muscular conditions. To prevent the onset of diseases, your vet can prescribe certain dog supplements along with a specific diet.

If you are looking for breed specific products for a Saint Bernard, the top of the list should include chewy dog toys. These big dogs love to chew stuff and they can do some real damage to your belongings if not distracted by an actual toy. When picking up chewy toys, make sure you are buying a product meant for large dogs otherwise your Saint is going to swallow his new toy whole (this is extremely dangerous). Buy high-quality Saint Bernard dog accessories online from reputed brands. Some of the popular products would be large-sized dog beds and crates.

Saint Bernards drool a lot. Having an adult in the house means constant wiping. Luckily, you can pick up a dog bandana to mitigate this phenomenon to an extent. Always check the size specifications when you are picking up an accessory for your Saint Bernard.

Heads Up for Tails – For Premium Pet Products

The best place to look for premium pet products, Heads Up for Tails aims to give pet parents functional and adorable options. Whether you are looking for Saint Bernard dog food online, puppy teething toys online, cat litter or even bird food online – you can find them all on our online store as well as in our outlets (in Bangalore, Pune and Delhi).

When it comes to pets, we understand that a one-size-fits-all philosophy never works, this is why give you a wide variety of choice so that you can pick and choose what your pet likes best. Besides designing and creating products of our own, we have also picks the best products from all over the world for you to choose from.

Not only do have products for cats and dogs but also for birds and small animals. We do our best to have a whole range of products for every life stage and need of your pet. So you can pick the best dry food for saint Bernard, stock up on dog brushes online to keep up with his or her regular grooming routine and also buy dog beds onlinethat are ideal for your pooch. We even have puppy grooming products onlinelike waterless dog shampoos.

We’re also big fans of customisation and personalisation so if your pet has any special needs, then do let us know what they are and we will do our best to meet your requirements.

Got a Question? Raise a Paw!

What should I keep in mind while buying plush dog toys for Saint Bernard?

Plush or otherwise, you should always buy toys that are durable enough for bite force of your dog. Another extremely important factor to consider is the size of the toy. If it is even slightly smaller than your pet’s open mouth, it is a choking hazard. The store manager or the label on the toy will tell you if it is strong enough for your St.Bernard.

Supervision is always recommended when your pet is playing with ANY toy. Especially those with hidden squeakers inside. A determined pet can rip these toys open to get to the squeaker and you should never allow those to be swallowed as it can be extremely dangerous for your pet. Pet parental supervision is important for any toy and for any breed

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