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Dog Towels & Wipes

Dog towels and wipes are always handy to have around! Towel dry a wet coat with these easy-dry microfiber towels and use wipes to keep teeth and ears clean all year round. Special itch wipes even keep your pet away from aggravating wounds!

Shake It Off And Dry Up!

Bath time for dogs is either super fun for them (making it super fun for you), or if they don’t like water, it’s a horrible time for them (making it an even worse time for you)! Getting wet, soapy suds all over the place, and the absolute mess that ensues after bath time can be an exhausting experience for pet parents. Not to mention the water spray you receive right after their bath, when shake water off their fur. It’s still completely necessary and you can’t deny how much you love cuddling them on the day they smell sweeter than a garden of roses!

Bet You Didn’t Know!

You may get annoyed by the way your dog shakes off all the water after their bath, but there’s actually a scientific reason for it! A dog can shake off nearly 70% of the water from his or her fur in that notorious shake! The reason this happens is that their skin is so loosely attached to their body that when they shake it, it generates so much force that the water just gets flung off. You should really be pleased about this as it makes your job of drying them off a whole lot easier.

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