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Dog Tick Solutions

Does your pooch have that unending itch? Perhaps it is time to tackle those ticks! Choose a tick solution from this collection to be rid of those pests. From natural recipes to flea collars and unobtrusive collar additions from Tickless, we have a diverse range of solutions right here!

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HUFT Anti Tick & Flea Combo
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HUFT Anti Tick & Flea Combo

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When Tick Season Strikes

When your pet picks up his paw to do the dreaded I-think-I’ve-got-a-tick scratch, we all rush to look up tick & flea solutions for pets online. Luckily, there are no end to the number of options available when it comes to tick and flea solutions. Some of them are listed below:

Tick and Flea Collars: Simple and easy to manage, you could buy tick & flea collar online india. These are extremely lightweight and can be worn comfortably along with your pet’s usual collar. They are coated with an anti-tick and flea solution that repels these pests for a specific period of time. One thing that you should always remember is to wash your hands with soap and water after handling the collar. Be especially careful to remember this with children.

Spot on Applicator: Spot on applicators like Protektor are extremely effective to repel ticks and fleas. They are pretty easy to apply as well. You just need to find the spot at the base of your pet’s neck (on their back) where they are not able to reach to lick it off. You should also make sure that other pets and children do not come in contact with it until after it is completely dry. These are prescribed based on weight and you should get a vet to write out a prescription for your pet (just to be safe).

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