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Dog Treats

Heads Up For Tails stocks a big selection of your pet's favourite treats!

Giving your dog a treat is more than an expression of love - it is an important component in dog training and reinforcing good behaviour. Choose from a range of popular brands such as Heads Up For Tails, Choostix, Jerhigh, Solid Gold, and more. We have a variety of dog treats online for you to choose from such as grain free treats, yak chews, bones, meaty treats and more!

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HUFT Treats Combo - Chicken Liver & Banana and Carrot
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HUFT Treats Combo - Chicken Liver & Banana and Carrot

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Be Your Dog’s Best Friend – Choose Quality Treats

There is plenty of pet food available, the number of brands and flavours can be dizzying. Therefore choices made when it comes to keeping your dog healthy should be very well-informed. There are certain rules that should always be followed when picking up snacks for our canine companions. Always look at the nutrition aspect and make sure the food is especially formulated for dogs. To keep your dog fit, ensure that you are not overfeeding him or her. Keep a track of those calories consumed. Aside from nutrition, dog treats are a good idea for many other reasons. Dog treats are a wonderful tool in training pups, creating a positive association or reinforcement with acceptable behaviour. When you buy dog treats online in India, choose from the best of brands to ensure that your pup is receiving a balanced and nutritious snack, with flavours that cater to the canine palate.

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