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Retractable Dog Leashes

Comfort and convenience rolled into one, these retractable leashes let your pet roam without leaving your sight. While you can keep a secure and comfortable hold on the plastic handle, the leash extends to let your pet explore. Perfect for runs on the beach or leisurely walks in the countryside, these non-restrictive leashes are a great way to let your pet run as he pleases.

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Explore Safely

Walks are the best way your dog can learn about his or her environment and develop their instincts, and we should try to make these occasions as comfortable and safe as possible for them. A retractable dog leash has a tape that extends and retracts according to the natural movement of the animal’s body, reducing the chances of tangling or strain. It gives the dog a larger distance to sniff and poke around.

Retractable leashes are designed to give your dog the feeling of a free walk, while you have total control without impeding its exploratory instincts. A retractable leash is best for walks in large parks and outdoor areas, away from people and cars or traffic. Retractable leashes increase the radius of exploration for your four-legged sleuth and you do not have to shadow them as closely as with a regular dog leash. They can stretch away from you, spend more time investigating whatever piques their curiosity and also retract their steps if they want to. All the while, you can continue on your walk at a steady pace. You should for an extra long retractable dog leash to give your dog more space to explore.

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