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Dog Collars

Keep your pet strutting in style with our range of dog collars that ensure a comfy yet paw-sh feel. Choose from leatherite and nylon collars that are built for durability and superior comfort. We also have a lovely range of personalised dog collars to flaunt your pet's name! We recommend that you measure your pet carefully before placing your order as a badly fitted collar or incorrect usage can result in problems. A properly fitted collar should have about 2 fingers space between the collar and the neck of the dog. However, it should not slip over the ears. Please email us in case of any clarifications. We'll be happy to help!

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Life is Too Short For Boring Collars

Thanks to the convenience of e-commerce, buying Dog Collars Online has now become a simple affair. But what pet parents should remember is that collars can cause damage when they are not chosen carefully to suit your pet. Dog Collars are made to suit different functions, needs and skin types. Pet parents can also buy a Dog Collar and Leash Set. Heads Up for Tails also offers pet parents Printed Dog Collars, Dog Harnesses and Dog Leashes.

To make the collar truly unique and personal, we also offer you the option of Personalised Dog Collars. You can have your pet’s name printed on these collars, which not only makes it unique to your pet but also provides a means of easy identification if your pet ever wanders away. While there are numerous places where one can Buy Dog Collars And Leashes In India, Heads Up for Tails offers an unimaginable range for pet parents to choose from.

If you are looking to Buy Dog Collar and Leash Online remember to take into account the behaviour, traits and nature of your pet. For example, those who wish to train their dogs to walk sedately beside them often opt to buy a Martingale Collar Online. But it must be stated that these collars, along with choke dog collars can be very damaging and should not be used on pups that are too young and on certain brachycephalic breeds. You should always speak to a trainer or animal behaviorist before buying Puppy Collars or Training Collars for Dogs. You should also never leave these collars on your pet outside of training hours. These should not replace a conventional collar.

Dog Harnesses are a great buy for most dogs, especially so for Brachycephalic dogs and tiny breeds like Chihuahuas. The next time you visit a Dog Store India, remember to pick up a harness for a small breed. They take the strain away from the neck, make breathing easier and are especially beneficial if your pet pulls a lot on his walk.

Heads Up for Tails – Your One Stop Shop for Pet Parents

Taking online shopping for dogs to the next level, Heads Up for Tails stocks more than just Wet Food for Dogs and leashes online in India. To ensure that we are a one-stop for all your pet’s needs, we stock products for all life stages. So you can Buy Puppy Food Online and Puppy Training Products via our website and you can also buy Orthopaedic beds for your senior pets.

We also take care to provide your pet with the most functional products that are decidedly pet-friendly. We spend plenty of time on research to identify what products can make your pet’s life easier. One of our most popular products is the Orthopaedic bed which offers ample support for aching joints and bones. These and other beds can be personalised to make them unique for your pet. You also have the option to customise certain products with various colours and patterns.

For those who want organic alternatives to conventional Dog Grooming Products, we have an organic pet products collection as well. Besides coming over to Heads Up For Tails to Buy Pet Products Online you can also look at a range of Gift Ideas for Dog Lovers. From stationery, T-shirts, badges and even playing cards, we have fun options to show your love for your pets. You can even choose from various cushions, frames and other decorative items for your home.

Got a Question? Raise a Paw!

What is the best kind of collar to use on my Pug?

We suggest that you do not use a collar at all for your Pug and invest in a dog harness instead. This is because Pugs have very short snouts and already tend to have difficulties breathing. These are called Brachycephalic dogs and to avoid putting further strain on them, you should use a harness instead. Harnesses do not affect the neck.

I have recently brought a puppy home, what are the products that you stock for him?

We stock everything that you would need to keep your pupper happy. Beginning with food, to Toilet Training Products for Dogs, dog toys and even dog beds. All you have to do to is browse through our products to find everything you need.

What collar would you recommend for my pet to wear to a party?

If you want something more than a conventional collar, we have plenty of options available. The printed collars are one option, there are also those personalised collars for dogs that spell out your pet’s name in bright letters. There are also matching leash and collar sets. For extra accessories, look through the collection of bow ties for dogs, flower accessories and more!

Do you recommend putting an ID tag on my pet?

Yes, we do. These name tags are a great way of allowing people to identify your pet in case he or she ever wanders away. If your pet has a pet ID tag, anyone who finds him or her will be able to contact you immediately.

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