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Barklays Collars & Leashes for Dogs

A collection of premium collars and leashes, these Barklays products bring together appealing design and high function. Available in a range of colours, they are easy to slip on and stay secure. Choose from collars, leashes and harnesses for your pet.

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Collar ‘em Right!

As a pet parent, you already know that dog collars online are more than just dog accessories for your pooch. From keeping your pet close to you on walks, to holding important information to identify your pet, dog collars are available in a wide range of designs. When you buy dog collars online, either for your little pup or a senior dog, it is important to keep a few things in mind:

Examine the Material: You don’t want your dog to suffer from skin irritation or injuries, and yes pets can be allergic to certain types of materials and fabrics. Check for the description, the collar could be made from Nylon, polypropylene webbing (which is essentially a woven fabric), leather, or synthetic – check if your pet is allergic to any of them. Ideally, woven fabrics are best for dogs who spend a lot of their time outdoors and if your dog spends a major part of his day inside the house, then you might want to consider Nylon and other synthetic materials. If you’re not sure whether the material would be gentle on your dog, then consult an expert just to be safe.

Sturdy collars for walks, fancy ones for special occasions: Choose very strong collars for bigger dogs, for smaller ones, you can get away with less solid ones. You don’t want the collar to suddenly come undone when you and your pooch are going for a morning run by the lake. Take into account the locking mechanism and ensure those are functioning well and are highly durable. If you are opting for a decorative collar, make sure you don’t employ it regularly, as it is not ideal for everyday use.

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