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Dog Crates Kennels Carriers

Besides the conventional crates for travelling, Heads up for Tails also offers chic pieces that let your pet be carried in style. Comfortably padded and sturdy, these dog carriers are easy to carry as well! Quilted finishes with contrast piping add to their aesthetics.

Safe Passage for Your Pet

Crate training is an important part of your young pet’s development. In their natural surroundings, just like most canidae species, dogs take shelter in dens or closed spaces. Crate training caters to this instinct in your pup, creating a space where it feels secure and familiar. It helps to potty-train your pup – when the pup identifies a space as its own he is less likely to soil it. It is also a way to teach your dog about areas in the house, which are accessible, and those that are off-limits.

Transportation can be a nightmare for your pet, a traumatizing experience if not handled well, especially flights. Crate training can make this an easier process by keeping the dog in a familiar space throughout the journey. So when you are buying crates, keep in mind the transportation scenarios too. Luckily, there are many dog crates for air travel that you can choose for your pet.

When you buy pet crates online, there are certain aspects of the dimensions that you need to determine. The cage or crate should be large enough for your dog’s basic range of movements, your pup should be able to stand, turn around and lie down without a struggle. Think long term when picking up crates for your pups, look for an adult size crate that the dog can use throughout its lifetime. You can find a big dog cage online for larger breeds.

Buy crates that are sturdy and made from durable material. Ventilation is very important – so avoid a makeshift solution that might seem a good idea at the time. Dog crates are products specially designed to keep your beloved pooch comfortable and happy, and a substitute cannot guarantee the same.

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