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Cat Litter

A crucial component of cat care, litter boxes, their accessories and litter will come in handy more often than you think. Pick a comfortable litter box, easy-to-clean cat litter and litter accessories like scoops to make cleaning up after your cat less of a chore.

Taking Care of Business Indoors

If you have house cats who need to go potty indoors, the best way to make sure it’s clean, sanitary and with minimum hassle to both pet and parent is to use good quality cat litter and happily, you can conveniently buy cat litter online. Cats don’t need any extra persuasion to use the neat cat litter alternative to messing up the house. Naturally neat, these creatures not only use the litter box but also bury their mess into the litter. This is why, while laying the litter in the box, it should be a few cm deep.

Your Choice of the Litter

From clumping cat litter to odour lock cat litter varieties, we stock a range of cat litter online (India). You can take your pick of the lot. For those of you who prefer environment-friendly litter, the best cat litter is Nature’s Love Cat and Pet Litter. The litter from this brand is made from recycled paper, making it safe, simple and eco-friendly to use. Another option that has a low impact on the environment is Cat’s Best litter. This is made from Paper Mache and also safe to use.

A clumping litter variety, the Pura litter option makes cleaning up after your cat easy. It clumps as soon as your kitty uses it. A highly popular cat litter alternative is Intersand’s cat litter. Available in large sized bags, these not only clump easily but is also equipped with an effective odour lock feature that minimises the unpleasant odour. This deodorizing cat litter has been proved to very useful to pet parents.

Besides cat litter, we also stock cat  litter trays and accessories. Designed to be easy maintenance, these litter trays are also accompanied by tray scoops. Choose from different colours, shapes and designs for your feline. If you have a larger home, try to have more than just one litter box. Have one at each end or on each floor. This will ensure that your pet always has the option of the litter box.

Shopping for your Feline at Heads Up for Tails

Shopping made easy, is shopping at Heads Up for Tails. With everything available under one roof, stocking up on pet essentials (and indulgences) will not be difficult. Our stores are available at locations all over the country, so you can stop by our pet store in Bangalore, pet shop in Delhi or our cat store in Pune to browse in-person. Or you can just buy Whiskas cat food, treats for cats and cat toys online. Equipped with an easy checkout process and multiple payment options (including Cash on Delivery), Heads Up for Tails offers convenience in addition to variety. If you have spotted something you like and want more information before you buy, all you need to do is call in to our store. Our managers are available to answer your questions.

If you browse through our shelves, you will see that heads Up for Tails stocks more than just personalised pet products. Our stores are pet-friendly so your companion can keep you company as you browse. Please remember to bring small animals and cats in pet-safe carriers. These creatures often get nervous in new environments and a pet-safe carrier ensures that they are secure during their visit.

The Food Scheduling Program is designed to ensure that you never run too low on your pet’s favourite food. All you have to do is sign up and let us know your pet’s favourite food and how often you want it delivered. We will have bags of these sent, like clockwork at pre-specified intervals.

Got a Question? Raise a Paw!

What kind of cat litter should I get for my cat?

The easiest kind of litter to clean is the kind that clumps up right after your cat uses it. This way you just have to scoop up the clump and throw it out. This way you do not have to replace all the litter in the box for days.

Should I use clumping litter for my kitten’s litter box?

It is not advisable to use the clumping kind for kittens because they may eat the litter. If they eat the clumping kind of litter, it will affect their digestive system as it will get stuck in there.

How careful should I be when handling cat litter?

We suggest you exercise caution, wash your hands after clearing up your cat’s litter tray. It would be preferable if you invested in some litter tray accessories like a scooper.

How often should I clean my cat’s litter tray?

You should clean up the litter box at least once a day. If it is left dirty, your cat may not use it as they are fastidious about where they do their business. They may also try kicking some litter out, thereby messing up the area around the cat litter tray.

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