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Don’t you wish you could pamper your pet with a customized gift every now and then? One that has tasty and healthy treats inside that are paw-lickin’ good, and also some unique stuff that bring a truly wow experience? With our crazy schedules, we often get no time to find that pawfect gift. The unconditional love and enthusiasm that our pets shower on us each day deserve our VERY BEST! Enter - The WagBox! Designed for all things fun, it promises to deliver a whole new world of Wags and Woofs, right at your doorstep! New Theme Every Month!

Diwali Wag Box

Get your pooch our specially designed Diwali Wag Box comprising yummy doggy mithai to ensure they have their fill of mouthwatering mithai while you gorge on some yourself

Soothing lavender oil to keep your pooch relaxed amidst all the noise of crackers
Wipes to keep them fresh and festival ready
A gorgeous bow tie to ensure they dazzle just like you
A fun natural toy to keep him busy while you host guests
Some yummy coconut turmeric chips to keep your dog's immunity intact and for a gorgeous shiny coat

How it Works?

Step 1: It’s all in the details
Tell us if your pet is small or big, likes/dislikes, personality traits, breed info and every relevant detail that you can provide us.
Step 2: We start Diggin’
We receive your details and get our Chief Pawfficer to sniff out the most relevant stuff for your canine/feline.
Step 3: WagBox is ready to roll
For WagBox orders received before the 10th of every month, we will roll them out by the 15th. For orders received after 10th, give us time until the 30th to get them rollin’.

Recent Wags

  • Ankita Das
    HUFT is the only online website I trust completely. Each and every product is of the highest quality. My Golden Retriever "Tintin" gets his Wagbox delivered timely every month and I don't know who gets more excited when it arrives, he or me!! And don't even get me started on the people behind HUFT, they are simply the NICEST bunch ever. All my queries are always promptly sorted. Thank You so much HUFT for making shopping (read 'indulgence') such a wonderful experience for both Tintin and his Hoomin
  • Rohini
    We joined the Wagbox tribe in February this year. Thank you for taking the effort to keep each wagbox unique and interesting (treats, toys and accessories). Needless to say that we are spoilt for choice :) Big shout out to the HUFT team for pawstatic Wagboxes. Keep them coming. Love, Bubbles and her hoomans
  • Satarupa Barma
    Thank you guys, for the most wonderfully personalised box of goodies (and the handwritten notes cause they don't do that anymore!) Exceeded any expectations I had - and Pluto loved every single one of the treats. I would write more but I don't want to give away any of the surprises. Can't wait for the next one! #gameofbones You guys are the BEST
  • Manav
    So the saga continues. Another month, another wag box! We received the Spring wagbox today, and again, it left us both(Bruno and me) so exhilarated. We are all set for the spring season now! You guys took good care of what was to be avoided in the wagbox and customised it to suit Bruno's needs. Thank you and may you grow just as the flowers in the spring!

What you Get?

Happiness guaranteed!

Your pet's happiness is top priority for us! And nothing makes us happier than seeing your pet happy! if there's something you don't like in the Wag Box, just ship it back to us, and we'll send you a replacement product.

Hand-picked products

We carefully hand pick quality products based on the details submitted to us. Every Wag Box is packed with thought and care for your precious pet.
It's a surprise:

We do all the sniffing around to find the nicest products available and you'll get lovely surprises each month instead of hunting for products yourself.

A personal shopper for your dog

We ship out the yummiest, newest, greatest pet products in the market. Each product is hand selected. It's like having a personal shopper for your pet!

Questions we get asked a lot.

What’s the Wag Box all about?

The Wag Box is all about a heady mixture of surprises, happiness, personal care, treats and love. After all, nowhere else do you get a personal shopper cum happiness officer for your dog and yes, there are some lovely surprises in store too!

Our Wag Box is designed for pet owners who truly appreciate the marvellous meanings that gifts give to life in general, who understand the need for their pets to be pampered just like a little child and of course, for those who love their dogs more than anything else in the whole wide world! This little Wag Box is our own special offering for owners and dogs, something that we envision as our own little bundle of happiness that spreads warmth across as many homes as possible!

Try the Wag Box today and experience the sheer magic and warmth it brings to the life of your best friend!

When will I receive my Wag Box each month?

We send out the Wag boxes on the 15th and 30th only of each month.
Your pet will only have to endure a few days of prolonged suspense and excitement before your Wag Box is dispatched to your address!
How will the Wag Box cater to the needs of more than one dog?

It all depends on how well your fill up the questionnaire and the size of your dog. As a result, we will definitely customize your Wag Boxes separately for multiple pets.

How do I know if the Wag Box fits the needs of my dog?

This is the question you should be asking first up! You have to provide some crucial information including the size of your dog and other details through the questionnaire we thoughtfully provide you. Our team loves and knows dogs, and will definitely be able to customize the best possible Wag Box for the apple of your eye!

Pricing is Simple

1 Month

Rs. 1999

3 Month
(Rs. 1799/Box)

Rs. 5397

6 Month
(Rs. 1599/Box)

Rs. 9594