Squeaker Toys for Dogs

Fetch and Tug Toys for an interactive play time

Who wants to play a game of fetch? Chances are you will be greeted with wagging tails and a woof! Explore our range of the best fetch and tug toys that we have carefully curated to ensure your darling pooch gets the best out of play time. Find high quality toys from KONG, All for Paws, Chomper, Pet Brands and our very own HUFT and TLC collection that are bound to entertain and engage your pets in loads of interactive play. All our toys are non-toxic and made of tough durable material to withstand a ruff game of fetch! Explore our range at our online pet store today!

Add more fun with a Squeaky Dog toy!

Squeaker toys are fun n noisy and are naturally attractive to all dogs. The squeaky sound effect initiates play time and makes the game all the more entertaining. Soft and hollow, these toys are also great for massaging jaws. Find a wide range of squeaker dog toys at our online store that are curated from all over the world. All are squeaker toys are made of high quality material to not wear down your dog’s teeth and gums. KONG, Karlie, Trixie, Sprong and our own range of squeaker toys are some of the brands you will find on the website. Each toy serves a unique purpose and our squeaker toys are guaranteed to leave your pooch happy and playful.

Buy Puppy Teething toys online

Manage puppy teething and nipping in a playful and non-destructive way by buying a puppy teething toy. Puppies bite and nip at a teething age and might chew at anything they lay their eyes on. Encourage healthy chewing with the help of toys that are designed to aid in the puppy teething process. Find the best chew toys that are meant for pups at our online store. We curate premium dog products from KONG, TLC, All for Paws and our very own HUFT toys. Our toys are made from high quality material that can withstand chewing. Most toys are also age specific and also designed according to dog chew-ability. There is a special range of toys for the toughest of chewers that are safe, reliable and durable for your pooch. Chew toys also help to massage gums and clean teeth to maintain optimal oral hygiene. Explore our range of puppy toys today!