Dog Dry Bathing Products

Buy the best dry bathing products for dogs

Dry bath products are a great alternative for dogs in-between their regular bathing sessions. They help to remove dirt, oil and grease from your pet’s coat to make them fresh quickly. Dry bath products do not need any water so it is a pretty hassle free way to groom your pet while travelling, etc. Buy the best dry bathing products for dogs at our online pet store. We curate the best quality grooming products and our dry bath range is free from all harmful chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, etc. Dry baths are also useful for dogs and cats who are ill and cannot be given a bath. Pet and Petacom are some of the popular and safe brands that we curate who offer high quality grooming products to ensure a clean and healthy grooming experience for your pet!

Try our super absorbent dog bath towels

We curate and design the best dog bath towels, which have been carefully manufactured to ensure super absorbency and softness. Try HUFT’s dog bath towels that are available in our online and offline stores. The cute paw prints and soothing pastel colors on the dog towels are super attractive. And they are made of high quality cotton material that can be used even by humans too! Many of our customers confess how they love the designs and patterns on the towels and use one for their personal use. Our bath towels are a great addition to your dog’s grooming routine. So check out our exciting grooming range for your darling pooch!

Check out the best dog shampoo range at our online pet store

Dog shampoos are created keeping in mind a dog’s skin, coat and allergy concerns. Human shampoos can be very harsh on your pet’s skin and can disturb the delicate pH balance. An ideal dog shampoo should be free from harsh chemicals, parabens, should be hypoallergenic, and be safe for your dog’s skin and coat. We totally recommend trying out HUFT’s organic range of dog shampoos that are free from all artificial chemicals. HUFT’s organic shampoos contain only natural ingredients that are completely safe for use and are hypoallergenic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal. Filled with organic essential oils, our dog shampoos ensure that your dog enjoys a soothing and relaxing bathing experience. It is safe enough to even be used on puppies and pregnant dogs.