Dog Towels & Wipes

Buy the best grooming products online for your furry one

Every responsible pet parent understands the need for regular grooming: it controls excessive hair shedding, keeps your pet clean and keeps skin related infections at bay. Buy the best grooming products online at our website as we curate some of the best grooming related brands to ensure your dog gets a high quality grooming experience. We also manufacture our own range of grooming products that have been carefully designed after intensive research and planning on what works best for dogs. Check out our range of dog towels and wipes that not only look super cute, but are super absorbent too! All of our grooming products are made of high quality material to ensure they do not harm your pet in any way.

Buy the best dog dry bath products online

Dog dry bath products are great to tackle dirt, grime and grease from your pet’s skin and hair in-between baths. They are also useful to clean dogs who cannot be given a wet bath due to any illness. Buy the best dog dry bath products online at our website. We curate the best dry bath products from all leading brands that contain a pH adjusted formula and are free from parabens, sulphates and DEA. Pet Head and Petacom are some of the best dog dry bath brands and can be found at our website as well as offline stores. And remember, while dog dry bath products are great for a quick freshen up, they are not a substitute for wet baths and should be used in-between baths only.

The best wipes for dog paws

Paw wipes are a hassle free way of cleaning your dog’s paws after a walk, etc, especially during the winter season. And using a wipe meant for dogs is important as human wipes contain propelyne glycol, which is highly toxic for dogs. We curate some of the best wipes for dog paws that are made from safe ingredients to ensure they are not harmful to your pet’s skin upon licking or otherwise. An ideal dog wipe should be hypoallergenic, free from parabens, petroleum derivatives, propylene glycol, sulfate and DEA. We curate dog wipes from Pet Head and Petkin that do not contain any harmful chemicals at all! So go ahead and explore our pet grooming range that offer the best pet wipes for a dog’s paws!