Gluten Free Dog Food

Buy the best gluten free food for dogs

Some dogs have a low tolerance to gluten and ordinary dog food may have gluten ingredients that could be harmful for your doggie in the long run. Which is why we curate some of the best gluten free food for dogs that provide all the proper nourishment without any trace of gluten. Select from the premium gluten free dog foods such as Cibau, Farmina, HUFT, Harley’s Corner, Mini Fruit and much more only at our online pet shop and offline stores. Gluten free foods ensure higher digestibility and are also suitable for dogs that are prone to allergies. So give your dog the best of gluten free food to maintain a proper diet. We recommend that you try out our Heads Up For Tails special gluten free cookies that are oven baked with fresh ingredients and are free from any artificial ingredients. Made with human grade ingredients, these cookies contain no sugar, only honey and jaggery to ensure these cookies are truly yummy for your doggie’s tummy!

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