Dog Harnesses

Dog harnesses help to distribute pressure from the leash on the body rather than focussing on the neck. Plus it gives you better control, and is a great tool for teaching your dog to walk nicely on the leash. Dog harnesses are also a must for dogs who slip their heads out from their collars. Choose from a range of dog hanses online and give your dog a new, comfortable way of walking on the leash! We have a range of brands for dog harnesses including Puppia, Karlie, Heads Up For Tails, Trixie and more. We highly recommend harnesses for dogs with short noses such as pugs, or those suffering from respiratory diseases,
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Get Better Grip while Dog Walking with our premium range of Harnesses

Dog harnesses are a great tool to ensure that not much pressure is applied to your dog’s neck. By applying weight evenly, dog harnesses ensure that there is no excess pressure applied to your dog’s neck. Buy dog harness online from our pet store and make dog walking a more pleasurable experience. Explore our range of fun, colorful n designer harnesses that are carefully created to bring loads of comfort and give a paw-sh look. Easy to wear and take off, our harnesses are made of high quality nylon material. Dog harness is a must-have dog accessory for dogs with short noses such as Pugs, Bull Dogs, and also dogs that have respiratory diseases.

Get a colorful Dog Collar only at HUFT

Why let your dog wear a dull and boring collar when he could wear a cute and attractive one that enhances his personality. Find the best dog collars online at Heads Up For Tails website that are made of high quality and durable material. Check out our very own range of manufactured dog collars, leashes and harnesses that are bound to make heads turn. We also offer unique personalized dog collars that can be customized to add in your dog’s name or any other catchy word you prefer. Always ensure that you purchase a dog collar that has a space upto two fingers between the collar and the dog’s neck. Check out our Martingale, Barklays and Cookie & Leo collection that capture beautiful design, catchy quotes and attractive colors.

Find Matching Collars and Leashes at our online pet store

Walk your dog in style using our matching set of collars and leashes that are a riot of colors, quotes and creativity. Our exclusive range of matching collars, leashes and harness are designed with love and loads of creative zeal. Made of strong nylon material and high quality hardware, our collection is guaranteed to make you fall in love and will certainly last longer. The colorful pattern and design is bound to attract everyone’s attention and make your dog feel special and loved. We recommend you try out our matching set of collars, leashes or harnesses to brighten up your dog’s walking gear. Add a touch of luxury with our range of dog accessories while also ensuring comfort and durability. Loads of woof and wags to you!