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Explore our premium range of Dog-Retractable Leashes

Dog retractable leashes are designed for walking your dog in open areas so that your pooch has enough room to walk around without being off the leash. Buy the best dog retractable leashes at our pet store online that are made of high quality and durable material to ensure that your leash will last for years. Have full control of your dog while walking with the help of our premium range of dog retractable leashes. The one-hand brake and recoil system ensures a powerful grip and the lock button ensures that the leash stays in place. Handmade in Germany, these leashes are meant for wide-open and empty spaces.

Buy the best dog harness online in India

Dog harnesses are best used for dogs that pull and push around and might injure their neck. They are also suitable for dogs that have respiratory issues such as Pugs, Bull Dogs, etc. Our very own manufactured dog harnesses are carefully designed to offer maximum comfort and ensure proper grip and comfort for both the handler and the dog. Buy dog harness online in India at our website or our stores in Delhi and Bangalore. Made of premium nylon material, our range of dog harnesses are colorful and cute and ensure loads of fun walking time with your pooch. Pair it with a matching leash and add some swag into your dog’s regular walking routine. We have selected the best of designs and attractive and catchy themes and quotes to ensure our dog harnesses and leashes stand out from the regular crowd. Login to our online pet store today and browse through our exclusive range that is made with loads of love.

Have you tried our Martingale collars yet?

Our beautiful martingale collars, leashes and harness range are designed in association with the Filmy Owl to bring a colorful twist to doggie accessories. Buy Martingale collars online in India at our online and offline stores and we are sure you will be pleasantly surprised with the fine detailing and the brilliant choice of colors. Made two double loops, Martingale collars are easily adjustable to fit the neck and ensure a firm yet comfy grip. The high quality nylon material provides durability and control. Pair it with a matching Martingale leash and join the paw-sh Martingale doggie gang that is bound to leave heads turn wherever you go.