Dog Jackets

Jackets and sweaters are a necessity for most dogs during winter! We might think they have enough fur to protect them, but that doesn’t hold true for all the breeds. Some breeds like St Bernards and Siberian Huskies don’t need any extra protection as they are very much used to much colder climates. Some other breeds, on the other hand, do need some extra protection in the form of jackets and sweaters! If your dog is used to wearing clothes, then putting a jacket on him shouldn’t be a problem at all. If this is the first time you are buying a jacket or sweater for your dog, then you may need to give him/her some time for getting used to it. Jackets are available at sizes up to 5XL and in various colours. Gone are the days of boring blacks and whites. Now is the time for reds, yellows and pinks! Y Another point to consider is the material. Wool and fleece, followed by nylon, polyester or cotton is the best option. How to buy a dog jacket? Well, just like we measure ourselves before buying something, we need to take measurements of our dog as well. Measure your dog’s neck, chest and waist size carefully before buying anything or else you might have to go through the extra trouble of an exchange- for which we are always there to help!

Buy stylish dog jackets online for your bundle of joy!

Looking for quality dog jackets online? You are definitely on the right track when it comes to giving your doggie a style makeover during winters! More importantly, comfort and warmth are chief reasons for getting hold of good jackets and other apparel during the colder months of the year. This is simply because your dog requires enhanced protection and warmth during winter. Dogs are usually susceptible to colds and infections during this time and some extra protection will bring down the chances of the same considerably indeed. Apart from some specialized dog breeds, most furry friends should be dressed appropriately to beat the cold weather in style! We offer a magnificently curated collection of top jackets and other winter apparel for your precious pooch.

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