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Find the best Dog Crate for your pooch

Dog crates are essential when you are travelling with your pet or you simply want to house train your dog. Crate training, if done positively, can be a safe haven for your dog to just settle and relax! Dog Crates sizes are available to ensure that every dog breed, whether big or small, is able to rest comfortably. Heads Up For Tails curates the best dog crates from all leading pet brands such as Savic and our very own manufactured line that is built with lots of precision and care to meet the needs of every pet owner. Our designer dog crate range is a stylish and paw-sh alternative to the dull and boring dog carriers. Made from durable material, it is bound to last!

Buy the best dog crate toys online

While you are leaving your dog inside a dog crate, why not leave his favorite toy inside the crate to help him relax. The best dog crate toys that you can leave inside a crate should be durable. Check out our range of very strong toys that can help your dog relieve anxiety and stress and also help to massage his gums and teeth. We curate some of the best super strong toys from all leading brands, such as, KONG, TLC, Chomper, All for Paws and many more! Made from durable rubber material, these toys are super safe and non-toxic when chewed.

Buy Dog Crate mat online at our online pet store

We curate some of the best dog mats that are made with soft canvas fabric and are super durable too! Select from our wide range of dog mats that are suitable for a crate too! Our dog mats are super attractive and are available in different colors and sizes. The catchy text and the choice of colors are bound to add a unique element to your dog’s bedding. Use them inside your dog’s crate to ensure an extra layer of bedding for a cozy and comfy ride. Our mats are easy to clean and are available in different sizes and colors. And what’s more, you can certainly use these mats for your own use too! Our customers tell us how they fell in love with the design, color and patterns and use it as a floor mat all the time! Now’s that an improvisation that we’re proud to offer to humans too!